This Feels Wrong Part 2
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Part 2 of This Feels Wrong!

This Feels Wrong Part 2

Dean and I walked into the Cafeteria

We had just finished our History lesson

We got our food and took our seats

"Megan told me you helped her with biology yesterday"

I chocked on the water I was drinking

"She did?" I asked trying to control my nervousness

"Yeah, she said you're very good at teaching anatomical biology"

Dean said this as he tossed a handful of french fries into his mouth

I was starting to panic. What else did Megan tell Dean?

"Oh...yeah I..I really helped her with anatomical biology"

I was really trying my best not to show my fear

What was going to happen if he found out?

Dean was my best friend since as long as I can remember

He was always there for me when I needed him

He was a great swimmer too

And he once saved me from drowning when we were still kids

Without him, my life would be terrible!

What was going to happen if he found out that I made out with his girlfirend!

He was going to be really upset

And that would be the end of our friendship

Or worse, he was going to take action

"Hey, are you okay?" Dean asked as he stared at me

I realized I was sweating and shaking

"Yeah I'm fine" I lied

"Hey,Max I just want to thank you for helping out Megan with her schoolwork"

"I know you don't really like being around girls but you're doing this for me"

"You're the best!"

Why was Dean making this super hard for me!

I felt....... guilty

Why the hell was I doing this to my best friend

"So Megan told me that she wants you to help her out with biology again after school today"

"I would have helped her but I'm not so good with biology"

I choked on the food I was eating

"She wants help again today?" I asked

" will you be free to help her today after school?" Dean asked as he took a sip of his drink

This was really hard!

I had to tell Dean the truth

Or I could just refuse to help her and pretend like nothing ever happened

Just then Megan showed up, said Hie to me and kissed Dean on the cheek

They talked for a few minutes. She was about to go when she turned to me

"See you after school Max"

She was super pretty!

I couldn't say no to this

"Umm..sure" I responded rather shyly

When she was gone, Dean turned to me

"Thank you for doing this bro, I owe you"

Just then the bell rang for us to return to our classrooms

I was going to tell Megan that we had to stop this!

This was going too far!

I was not going to let her tempt me again today!

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you want me to continue!

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