This Feels Wrong Part 1
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It was wrong but it felt soo good!

This Feels Wrong Part 1

I hurried down the stairs!

I was late for school...

I was late for school... again

Maybe it's because I had slept at 3am!

Trying to memorize the whole biology textbook!

God! I was such a geek!

I had missed the school bus and well.. I had to walk

"Maybe I can give you a lift"

"Maybe I can give you a lift" Mom said this as I grabbed my lunch from the table

I was super late so I couldn't refuse

Mom dropped me at the school gate and I hurried to my class

The biology lesson was almost over

I walked into the class and Mr Jones eyed me through his spectacles

And so did the whole class

I felt super uncomfortable

I didn't like attention

"Mr Max Jackson.. you're 40 minutes late" Mr Jones called out to me in a not so friendly tone

"Umm... I know... I'm sorry" I tried my best to sound sorry

"Well you just got yourself a ticket to detention city.. unless you answer this question" He said this as he stared at me

"Umm.. Okay" I responded. I didn't really mind detention.. since I was a geek it meant more reading and that was not so bad

"Okay then.. The science dealing with the naming and classification of organisms is called what?"

"I'm going to give you a minute to.. ."

"Taxonomy" I blurted out the answer

I could feel the whole class staring at me

"That's correct.. what is Arteriosclerosis?"

"The build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls." I responded before he had even finished asking the question

The whole class was surprised

And so was Mr Jones

"Umm take your seat Max"

I sat down beside my friend, Dean and he whispered to me,

"Dude that was freaking awesome!"

"Did you read the whole biology textbook or something"

"Maybe" I replied with a smirk

The lesson ended in about 30 minutes

Megan, Dean's girlfriend came over to chat with Dean

She was quite pretty

And I knew I'd never get myself a pretty girl like that

Not only was I shy

But I was afraid of girls

The day passed by pretty quickly

We did algebra, physics and history after that

I was packing my books so that I could go home when

Megan called me

She was sitting at the back of the class and she had several books opened

"Umm.. Max.. would you mind helping me out with biology?"

I hesitated before I answered, "Ummm sure"

I sat beside her

So what topic do you need help with? I asked trying not to let my fear of girls get the best of me

"Well, how about we get to know each others biological make up" She said this as she placed her hand on top of mine

I was now sweating profusely

I didnt like where this was going

Megan was really cute.. One of the cutest girls in the class but..

She was my bestfriends girlfriend

Dean and I have been been bestfriends since kindergarten and this was definitely not right

I removed my hand from hers

"Ummm.. Megan.. this is... wrong.. I can't.."

She put a finger on my lips

And she leaned over to kiss me

I wanted to push her away.. this was wrong but I felt this strange warmth all over my body

My whole body felt frozen

What was happening?

Did I actually have feelings for Megan?

"What if Dean finds out about this?" I asked her

"He won't" She replied as she slammed her lips on to mine

This was my first kiss.. and it felt... good

I wanted to fight these emotions.. I wanted to push her away

But it seemed...

But it seemed... I was in love with my bestfriends girlfriend!

This was wrong... but it felt good...

Thank you for reading!

That was part 1 of "This Feels Wrong". Let me know if you like it so I can do part 2!

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