The Ungrateful Sculpture
The Ungrateful Sculpture commaful stories

astralphoenix I desire to inspire before I expire.
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Don't stress over something you can't change.

The Ungrateful Sculpture

There was once a sculptor

Who was famous all over

One day he found a formless stone

And got an idea!

He got to work

And started shaping the rock

Giving it a good shape

Smoothing the rough edges

He worked tirelessly

Day and night

Until he was done

It was a masterpiece and he was proud

One night he left the sculpture in font of a mirror

The sculpture thought it looked ugly

It hated the way it looked

It hated the way it was sculpted by the sculptor

And so it ran away

And searched for another sculptor

It asked the other sculptor to change it's appearance

And the sculptor agreed

But when he was changing it, he mistakenly cracked the sculptures face

And the sculpture cried

The cracks worsoned

Until the whole sculpture tumbled down into pieces!

The sculptor ran away when he realized what he had done

Now the sculpture lay broken on the ground

Regretting why it tried to change...

The way it was sculpted by its sculptor.

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