The Girl Next Door
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astralphoenix I probably won't be online much.
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Max is interested in a girl who moved in next door as she seems nice and sweet. He is surprised when he finds out she has also been given detention like him which makes him more interested in knowing more about her.

The Girl Next Door

Hey Fellas it's your boy Hermes with yet another awesome story for ya but first...

Check out these funny pictures

I hope that made you smile.

My cat Buttercup has gone crazy, he keeps a knife now...

He wants to kill me

He wants to kill the dog

I think he wants to eat the whole family!

But I'm not gonna let that happen!

We will fight till one of us goes down!

Let the war begin!

If you don't see any more of my posts, that means I'm dead

Click on to the next page to start story, this is probably the worst story I've ever written...

I heard the sound of vehicles outside

I peeped out of the window...

And could not believe what I was seeing!

A super cute girl

and her family

were moving in next door!

She was like the prettiest girl I'd ever seen!

I found myself whistling because of her cuteness

"Now that's a fine lady"

"Now that's a fine lady" I said to myself.

And I, Max Jones,

was going to be her hero!

I would protect her

Well unless aliens invaded our world!

We are going to eat you girl!

Max help me! I'm going to be eaten! HELP!

Are those aliens?

Take her Mr alien. Just don't eat me...


At Webster High School, I am known as the prank master

I love doing pranks a lot!

I once put a whoopie cushion on my teachers chair

Well she reported me to the principal

And it didn't end up so well

I just put mustard in my mom's toothpaste tube

She will never find out it's me

Wait a she calling me?

And she called me by my full name....she found out!

So I was late for the science lesson...again

And Miss Finley didn't look so happy

So Max where is the homework I gave you yesterday?

I forgot to do my homework!!!

It was time to use the Max rules to get myself out of this

It was time to use the Max rules to get myself out of this They always worked everytime

Rule 1 Make her feel sympathetic for you.

Umm..Mrs Finley, a dog chased me yesterday on my way home

And it bit me!

It was so painful that I couldn't do my homework

I'm sorry Mrs Finley

I've heard that before! I'm not buying it! Come up with something better

Things were definitely not going the way I wanted

Things were definitely not going the way I wanted It was time for rule number 2

Rule 2 Make up a foolproof story.

Mrs Finley, let me be honest, my dog ate my homework

I have heard enough you're going for detention!

This was definitely not what I expected!

Later at dention...

I rushed into the detention room

I was surprised when i noticed that there was someone else on detention


It was THE GIRL I HAD SEEN NEXT DOOR! But why was she here?

Hope you liked this. Hermes

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