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Special Interview! commaful stories

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A special edition of Commaful interviews!

Special Interview!

Hello everyone.

Thank you for tuning in to this special edition of Commaful Interviews!

I have a special guest today!

He has over 22 000 followers on Commaful!

Yeah he's a Commaful celebrity!

And his discription reads..

Can you now guess who he is?

Yep! It's none other than the great prof Steve Waldrop!

But most of you just know him as prof!

He's been on Commaful for a long time now

Here's a fun fact!

Prof Steve posted something for everyday of 2019!

Yep that means he posted every single day for 365 days!

Let's get started shall we?

Welcome to my show prof!

It's an honour to be here!

First question. When did you join Commaful?

I joined Commaful in May of 2017. A Facebook friend told me about it.

I didn't post a lot for the first few months, but started writing more as time went by.

I've read your amazing poems and haikus.

If I may ask, what motivates you to write those amazing poems?

Thank you so much! I love the challenge of doing the prompt. It is fun to try to come up with something to fit.

Also, I think about the ones who regularly read what I post and try to entertain.

Sometimes, my post is deeply personal and is expressing feelings. When I haven't written for a couple of days, I feel pressure building up and it won't go away until I write.

I also LOVE the challenge of writing a new form that I haven't done before. I will read someone's post and research the form.

Wow that's amazing and it's also a good way to learn about other forms of writing

Do you have a certain common theme in what you post or you just write based on what you will be feeling at that moment?

A lot of what I write is sort of dark, but I don't think there is a common theme.

Mostly it is what I'm feeling at the time. I do love to write about the seasons, especially fall.

Sometimes, I start with an idea, usually a phrase, and start turning it over to see what format it will fit, then the rest of the words just sort of happen

I am often surprised at where a poem ends up.

Wow that's amazing. Prof, you have over 900 poems and stories on Commaful which makes me wonder, how long have you been writing?

And do you have any published books or stories?

I did a little bit of writing when I was young, but didn't start doing much until I was 60.

I got involved in a Facebook group where we created characters and stories based in the world of Wheel of Time, my favorite book series.

I did that for about a year. The other members of the group started urging me to create my own world and write stories for it, so I did.

At the same time, I had a class of kids who loved fantasy stories and would follow my work.

When I created my own world, they insisted on being in the story, so they all became major characters.

I have 4 novels in that world, but none have been published yet. I plan to work on getting that done.

I have had a poem and a short story appear in a book that Commaful published a couple of years ago. That was cool.

Wow, so inspiring! I'm curious prof, what are your favorite hobbies if you have any?

I collect books and memorabilia. I also love costuming. I have several outfits that go along with my story characters.

One costume is the 12th Doctor. I LOVE Doctor Who! I also have a really cool kilt outfit I have not had a chance to wear in public yet

I plan to wear it to a parade here in town in December.

One dream I have fulfilled it turning a room my apartment into a library with all my school memories, books, and costumes. And art from books I love.


Can you please show us some of those?


One of my costumes----

Here is another one I like. (one of my students did a photo shoot for me a couple of years ago)

Wow you look awesome prof!

Thanks! The tattoo is a character from my books, Moonflower

That's amazing prof. What's your favorite food?

Now that I have time, I'm learning to cook more things. I love to experiment with broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus.

Hmm, I guess that is turning into a hobby. Mexican food is my favorite type. Tamales, queso, etc.

Another "hobby" I have is working out. I love to lift weights to stay in shape and stay strong.

Prof I believe you have over 22 000 followers, do you have any advice to the newbies on how they can reach your level one day?

My best advice is to follow other people and comment on their work. Also, try to post consistently.

The more you post, the more people will see your work. It takes time, but eventually followers will come on board.

The accomplishment I'm most proud of is writing and posting something new every day of 2019.


365 consecutive days! There is another writer doing that this year. He's over 300 days now.

Lastly, can you describe yourself in 3 words

Complex, empathetic, and sensitive.

One more question

Who's your favourite singer?

My favorite singer is Leonard Cohen.

Thank you for your time prof Steve and sorry for bothering. It was really fun interviewing you

You're really inspiring!

Thank YOU! It was an honor. I still can't believe my writing has attracted as much attention as it has.

Well thank you for watching this special edition folks

Be sure to check out prof's posts and haiku's on his account @stevewaldrop

Feel free to send him a message! He's very friendly!

Have a great day/night!

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