Mission Gone Wrong Part 2
Mission Gone Wrong Part 2 love stories

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Justin finds out he has been paired with Maddie Winters for a science project...and blacks out...again.

Mission Gone Wrong Part 2

Hey fellas, I'm here with the message you've been waiting for but first...

Check out these funny pictures

Hope that made you laugh.

So I confronted my kitty about the selfie he took on my phone

Do you mind explaining what's going on?

And he actually sticked out his tongue at me!

Unbelievable right!

This is a real life incident that happened to me so don't laugh

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So I'm on my way to school

So I'm on my way to school And I'm trying my best not to remember what happened yesterday

But I just can't,

But I just can't, Maddie Winters made me faint and go to the hospital!

Why can't I just forget about this?

Speaking of hospitals, a lot actually happened at the hospital yesterday

I still felt a bit dizzy and weak when I heard a voice..

Hey there, I'm doctor Wiggins. Here's some water.

She handed me a glass of water.

Thanks Uhh...I'm Justin

It seems you only had a panic attack

But you'll be fine


I was scared of her..what if she said she wanted to inject me!

or that I needed to be operated

And then she would call her friends and they would surround me

And hack out my intestines!

And after that she would try to hack out my heart!

Heart Hacking Successful!

So Justin I'm curious. Who is Maddie Winter?

I choked on the water I was drinking

Maddie what? Who told you about her?

Well you said her name a lot of times while you were out

Ummm...she's my fr- friend.

Okay but I advise you to stay away from her

Why doc?

Because everytime you think about her..

Your body automatically starts shutting down

So what should I do?


It's for your own good.

What was I going to do. I loved Maddie!

You'll be fine. You can go home if you want.

Umm... thanks doc

Umm..Justin.. one more thing.

You might have an infection so..

It was nice knowing you doc!

Trust me you don't wanna know what happened next

So when I arrived at school, the science lesson had already started

My best friend Michael had something to tell me.

Where were you dude?

Mrs Winston has put us in pairs for a science project.

Guess what?

You have been paired with Maddie!

I began to feel dizzy

Dude are you okay?

And everything went black.

And everything went black. For the second time.

I hope you liked this. If this gets 200 likes I will make part 3. Hermes

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