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astralphoenix It is what it is.
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Sometimes the person you trust the most is the one pointing the gun at you.


I tried to scream but my mouth was gagged.

My hands were tied tightly behind the chair I was sitting on and there was definitely no way to escape.

The room I was in was dark and windowless.

I didn't even know whether it was was day or night.

I was scared and confused. If only there was a way I could contact my parents or the police.

I was super scared. I didn't want to die or to be raped.

The last thing I remembered was when I was going home from school,

and someone crept behind me and hit me on the head with something and I had passed out.

My cheeks were already wet with tears.

I was only 13 years old. What did the person who had kidnapped me want from me?

I was really nervous and my hands were now really sweaty.

Just then I got an idea. Since my hands were sweaty,

I could try and squeeze out of the rope using my sweat as some sort of lubricant!

After a few minutes, I managed to squeeze my right hand from the tight rope and I threw the rope on the floor.

My head hurt so bad. My legs were also tied but there was no time to free them.

I could here footsteps approaching!

I had a cellphone in my back pocket which my dad had given me in case of emergencies.

Lucky for me I guess the kidnapper hadn't seen it.

I had to hurry! The footsteps were getting closer.

The kidnapper was coming for me!

I quickly dialed my dad's phone number.

I was surprised when I heard a phone ringing outside the door and the ringing tone sounded familiar!

Just then the door slowly swung open, confirming my worst fears.

"Hello baby girl" My father said this as he maliciously paced towards me holding a knife!

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