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This post is dedicated to Commaful, because without Commaful we wouldn't have met.

Dear Commaful

Hey fellas, it's your boy Hermes with a lil somethin' for you but first...

Check this out

I hope that made you smile.

I would like you all to know that Commaful changed my life for the better. I met new friends and I unleashed the writer in me and for that I'm grateful which is why I wrote this poem for Commaful. Feel free to like and Shout Out if you feel the same about Commaful. Hermes

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You're cool

You're awesome

I bet inkitt has a crush on you

You're amazing

I bet medium wants to be like you

You're unique

Even Wattpad is jealous of you

You're a gift

For you have inspired many

You have made many people proud

And you have made many people smile

You have made many people laugh

And for that, we admire you

You have made people realize they were great writers

You have made people realize they were loved

You have made people find their other halves

You have saved many people from boredom

You've gathered us from all corners of the world despite

our different races

our different cultures

our different lifestyles.

Because you're special to us, we promise to be....

You've become

Where we find happiness and

You've helped us to get through the

Which is why you're the

The stories you produce are so beautiful

The stories you produce are so colourful

Without you life would be awful

Without you life would be awful And life will become stressful

You never fail to make us cheerful

You never fail to make us cheerful And for that we're grateful


We Love

We Love You

We Love You Commaful

Commaful we just want you to know that...

And that...

To all those who really like Commaful, please like and Shout Out this post...don't do it for me, do it for Commaful, spread the Love. Thank you for reading. #SaveCommaful #LoveCommaful

Please Listen I know a few people read my posts but just know that they are really hard to create. This post took me an hour to create but I did it anyways because I love Commaful and above all I love you all. Thank you for you reading my posts and supporting me. It means a lot to me. Have a blessed day/night

Your favourite messenger Hermes

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