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New series coming soon!

ABNORMAL Official Trailer

Hey Fellas, it's your boy Hermes with something new that might be of interest to you.

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A new series..


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When the storm came,

When the storm came, It changed my life forever

My name is Ryan Roberts.

My name is Ryan Roberts. And I'm 16 years old

I was just a nobody

A punching bag for bullies

And I had a huge crush on Madison Lisbon

And I had a huge crush on Madison Lisbon Who probably didn't even know that I existed

I was also weirdo

And a geek

Until one day..

while I was going home from school

Storm clouds gathered

There was a huge storm

And I got struck by lightning

The doctors said I was lucky to have survived

I figured the lightning did something to my brain

I started showing strange symptoms

I could move things with my mind

I could read people's minds

And I could teleport

I had to find out what was going on with me

But since I now had these abilities, I was going to try and

Win over the girl of my dreams

and protect her

I was no longer the shy NORMAL weirdo she used to know...

I was now something new

I was now ABNORMAL.


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