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Eternity is a story about a man who comes home to find his wife with another man
Eternity is my first short story hope you all enjoy


He parked a few blocks down the street, so as not to alert her with the roar of his gas-guzzling V8 engine pulling into the driveway. "I'll just walk from here," he thought to himself.

On the walk to the house, thoughts began to fill his mind. "She's not like that...we've been married for 25 years... she would never...

" He was trying to convince himself, immediately remembering how she had been acting lately. Little things she no longer did for him here and there, like cutting his breakfast toast on a bias.

She had always done that. His walk became more of a march as he got closer to the house, heart pumping faster with every step.

He turned the corner around the hedges that surrounded his house and there it was, sitting in his driveway.

It was a pearly white Nissan rogue, the very same Nissan rogue he had bought his wife a month ago for her birthday. "Definitely not at work," he thought out loud.

He crept up the stairs to the main entrance, slowly inserted his key into the lock pushing the internal pins into just the right position before turning the key to the left.

The lock gave a satisfying *CLICK* and the door popped open. He stepped inside and softly shut the door behind him. "This is crazy," he thought, feeling as if he was breaking into his own home.

Shame had cast over him. "Com'on Terrance, get it together, don't jump... " he murmured to himself as he started to climb up the carpeted staircase.

"Please," he started to hear the sound of music coming from the master bedroom. Just then he noticed that there, at the top of the stairs, draped over the railing, was a leather jacket.

This wasn't just any leather jacket, no, this jacket was familiar; although he couldn't recall where he had seen it.

He picked the jacket up and reached into the right pocket.

After feeling around using his ashy knuckled fingers to push aside a set of keys, and what he assumed was a pack of lozenges, he pulled out a little black wallet.

Inside was a folded photograph of his wife. Whomever the owner of this jacket was, it seemed that their relationship with his wife was more than just physical.

"Why else would you keep a memento," he asked himself.

"Why Jess?" He unfolded the photo and was struck a crippling blow in the back, a follow up to the one that pierced his heart just moments before.

And just like that he knew who the jacket belonged to and could recall where he had seen it.

Two weeks ago, Terrence and his wife Jessica had planned to meet for lunch. It was a Wednesday afternoon around 1 PM. It had rained the night before, treating the earth to a refreshing drink.

A well needed one too, considering the last few days were wildly unforgiving the slightly frigid sweater weather was welcomed

While at lunch, Jessica had only a Diet Coke. "Is everything okay?" asked Terrence as he reached for her hand across the table.

"I'm just not very hungry" she said, she pulled her hand away and put it in her pocket.

But in the brief moment that he held her hand in his, Terrence could feel that she wasn't wearing her ring, though he would not comment on it for fear of causing a scene.

Before meeting with Jessica and sitting down to eat, Terrence had run into his friend Derek as he was leaving the restaurant. "Hey Terry, what's up?" asked Derek.

"Not much, just grabbing lunch" responded Terrence. "What brings you here?"

"It's like you said man, Lunch. Look I gotta run, gonna be late getting back to work. Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.

Susan and I will be there for six, " said Derek as he continued past Terrence toward the sidewalk. Terrence entered the restaurant. Jess was already seated.

Derek never mentioned anything about bumping into Jessica, nor did she say anything about him. Terrence never put the two scenarios together until just now.

Jealousy and rage filled Terrence's mind as he glared down at the photo of Derek And Jessica. "What the f**k," he whispered.

He turned to a painting hanging behind him and removed it from the wall, revealing a safe. He quickly inputs the combination "0,8,2,3,9,3," he mumbled under his breath.

The combination was their wedding anniversary. Inside the safe was a money clip holding about one thousand dollars, some documents, and a dusty old .38 revolver.

Engraved on the handle was lady justice herself, blindfolded with sword and scale in hand. He was seeing red, overcome with the feeling of hate and jealousy.

He flicked open the cylinder to make sure the revolver was loaded, and when he saw that all six rounds were indeed inside the gun, he closed it up and pulled back on the hammer.

*CLICK* He had never used the gun before, but in his mind, today was the day.

He stormed toward the bedroom where the music was blaring. His heart was out of his chest now as he reached for the doorknob contemplating murder.

He paused, took a deep breath, and slowly opened the door. The expression on his face changed from anger to shock.

In an instant, all his bravery was flushed away as a pit opened up inside his stomach.

What he saw was like nothing he ever could imagine. What he saw was his wife Jessica and his friend, Derek.

They were sitting side by side on the bed, holding each other's hands with empty pill bottles nearby. He rushed over to check her pulse. She was gone.

He looked over at Derek, and by the look in his eye, he could tell that he was gone as well.

He put the gun down on the nightstand and then noticed a tape recorder and piece of paper with the words " Lovers intertwined for eternity" written on it.

He took the tape recorder in his hand, sat down next to his wife, and pressed play. *CLICK*

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