Your name.
Your name. writing stories

asteri For ''those'' days.
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Maybe the bitterness of realizing my mistakes a little bit too late is what's at fault, but I'm always awake at night, half asleep during the day.

Your name.

I lie down in bed, thinking about you.

Creating stories with my mind that could have been our reality, if I didn't let you go.

Hoping they will come true in my dreams.

It doesn't stop there, of course.

You inspire all the little authors that live in my head.

Every time they see your face you become their muse and they restlessly write endless scenarios.

The genre: romance (trust me when I say, they're really cheesy).

As I daydream they present me the most painfully beautiful films they've made.

And I'm left craving for the rest of the day, just a taste of your existence in my life.

I beg and plead out loud for someone to hear me and stop these masterpieces from getting lost in my imagination,

make them finally happen on my skin.

But nobody responds, so here I lie down in bed once again tonight,

I'll close my eyes, let another long night's sleep take me away.

I hope nobody will hear me spell out your name in the dark.

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