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asteri For ''those'' days.
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It's a bit depressing, forgive me. It's a battle I've been fighting for far too many years to count.


They haunt your mind day and night.

They have absolute control over your every action.

They know no limits.

You are constantly aware of their existence,

always afraid that they'll strike next on one of the few things left untouched by their destructive contact.

Everything's blurry when they're around.

Mirror is your most formidable enemy.

You can't stand it.

You can't stand the reflection that appears whenever you stand across it.

You don't usually dislike others so much, but this one, just has too many flaws.

It's not only the appearance though.

When you look deeper, it's quite tricky to understand the content,

but what you do know, is the fact that it's also faulty.

Who is the one you see?

Is it yourself?

What could you have possibly done to deserve to be trapped inside such a body, bearing that face, carrying that soul?

They collect every bit of your confidence and crash it, then burn it down to the ground

until there's nothing left.

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