Explain yourself.
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asteri For ''those'' days.
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Lately my mind and my heart is a mess, so forgive me if this one and its format is too.

Explain yourself.

What is it about you?

You got me addicted to you.

You came into my life and made me remember the beat of the butterflies' dance inside my stomach.

I was desperate for a sparkle and you blew up the most magical fireworks.

You put me high in the sky.

And let me fall.

Things got complicated, you were confusing.

Your heart was a maze, your mind a puzzle.

I wasn't able to doubt you (to be honest I didn't want to).

You began acting hot, then cold, then hot again.

I thought the circle had no end.

So you put an end.

As soon as I was able to patch my torn-apart pieces together, feel my heart beat as it used to,

You returned, playing your little games you easily manipulated my thoughts once again.

However this time I know, your visit is a short one.

My heart being ripped apart is unavoidable.

I won't resist you.

I only want to ask you:

Why did you come back?

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