A chapter of two's love story.
A chapter of two's love story. thinking stories

asteri For ''those'' days.
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For this one, how everything began and how it'll end: I'll leave it up to your imagination.
(I was inspired to write it by the last poem @skye wrote).

A chapter of two's love story.

Lately a lot had been on her mind, she felt unwanted, unappreciated, for such a long time.

Sadly he wasn't able (at that time) to notice how his behavior impacted on her.

She went for a walk to make some decisions, ease her mind.

Luckily, the little village they lived in, was built next to a running river, full of flora, life.

She sat there for hours, listening the water flow, the gentle wind passing through the trees.

She left her phone at home, she didn't want anyone to disturb her thoughts (especially him).

He was so worried though, he went over her house and her mother denied to tell him where she was, so he asked her every friend for her whereabouts, he looked for her in every shop and every cafeteria.

She was nowhere to be found so he headed down the river to rest and start over.

He saw her and his eyes watered up, he wouldn't cry in front of her though.

To his surprise, when he run to her, her eyes were full of tears as well.

"Cry me a river.", she said.

So, he did.

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