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asphramy College student who wants to write more
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Quick little thing to train me to write again. Been years I haven't write (and english isn't my first langage)

Was it too hard? Too soon? Or maybe not soon enough? Who could know? Who could judge existence and life itself? No one could. No one would. She knew it. She knew it so she kept going ahead.

Even if it would lead her to her death or to a point of no return she couldn’t be able to escape. Did she care? Not really.

What was to lose, after all? Her life? It wasn’t that much important to lock her in a hometown. It wasn’t that important for her but her freedom was.

Breathing in the wild, being able to run, laugh, and watching the stars and skies and stars whenever she wanted… Was that life? Was that perfect? It was.

Well, it was important and desired enough to her that she didn’t mind if her life was lost in the progress.

Foot sliding across the earth while grass touched her bare ankles, rain pouring heavily on her head and cascading across her body, she kept running.

She kept running without even daring to look behind her, without even looking what being locked looked like.

Because she knew too well what it was like and she had promised to never be locked ever again. No one would kept her in a house without calling it a cage anymore. No one. Must she lose her life.

Must she lose everything she had. The stars watched her, judged her, as she ran and as she arrived finally where there was no escape.

Her breath was caught in her throat as she still looked ahead of her, seeing the void and just barely hearing the waves hitting the cliff down her.

Her ears were burning and her hands slightly trembling. Even though she knew what was going to happen, a grin graced her lips. She raised her eyes and stared back at the stars.

She didn’t hesitated. She jumped. Only her laugh could be heard, fading slowly and mixing with waves which took her with them, her body joining the void reflecting the stars she loved so much.

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