Some More OCs :)
Some More OCs :) art stories

aspendao *insert clever Six of Crows quote*
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Okay, last art post for now (not counting an art contest!!!)

Some More OCs :)

I did an OC (original character) art post like a million years ago and now I finally have some more to share!

First, I made these two with Picrew. They’re the two characters I came up with for the Vessel story.

This is Paige, really sunny and happy, the main character

This is Rachel, the loner person who’s bright side only comes out when Paige is there

Then I drew Paige. This is probably the best human drawing in my sketchbook XD

I also have a new Warriors fanfic idea, so I drew some of the characters

That’s a lot of art posts for the week... I’ll try to stop lol 😆

Your Obedient Servant, A.Dao

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