(1) Fandom Fun!: Featuring @teamfosterkeefe
(1) Fandom Fun!: Featuring @teamfosterkeefe fandomfun stories

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First edition of Fandom Fun is here! Enjoy, my KOTLC people!

(1) Fandom Fun!: Featuring @teamfosterkeefe

Hey-o! I’m starting a new interview series called Fandom Fun! Basically, I interview a fangirl/boy from different fandoms!

To start, I have @teamfosterkeefe here for an interview about Keeper of the Lost Cities!

Thanks for joining me!


My first question, are you caught up with the KOTLC series?

Yep. Read it too many times to count

Relatable lol


Did you like Unlocked? It attacked me with the feels

YES! I loved it. The ending made me cry, though.

*starts yelling and crying at keefe at the same time*

Omg same here!!! Our poor little Hunkyhair :(


On the topic of Keefe, is he your favorite character? Who’s your least favorite?

I lovvve keefe (as a character). I love all the other ones too, but biana is probably my least favorite

I still love her though

Oh, really? I’ve never heard anyone say that. Why is she your least favorite?

Well, she is kinda mean to Sophie in the first book

Very true

Well she’s nice now

Luckily XD

What is your favorite scene, from any book?

When Keefe and Sophie first met. I loveeeeeee it. It’s so cute!

And i do love all the team foster keefe moments too

Omg yesss! Me and one of my friends were just talking about that scene! So sweet


If you could have one animal from the Keepers world, which one would you have?

Hm...... probably an Imp or an Alicorn.....idk. They’re all so cute its hard to choose

Agreed XD Iggy is too cute to say no to

Yes but he would stink so bad....

oof yeah he would...

*gags while scratching Iggy*


What if you could travel to any place in the keeper’s world? Where would you go?

Hm.... Allverette (is that how you spell it?)

The treehouse would be so fun

Yesss! The names are so hard to spell tho lol

A kotlc spelling bee would be sooo hard

XD it would!

If you were on the Council, what’s the first thing you would do?

Hm.... probably explore my castle XD

Lol yesss the houses are so fancy!!

Yes i wanna live in all of them

Yes i wanna live in all of them So. Much.

Same here! XD

My final question for you....do you have a theory for who Glimmer is?

Hm.... nope, not really. I mean, it would be cool if Cyrah was, but she’s dead (i think!)

Still wishing she’s alive :’(

oooh that would be a fun twist XD

🤞🏻 I hope

Well, thank you for your time. This was really fun :D

It was :)

And that wraps things up, my friends! Check back in for a second edition of Fandom Fun soon!

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