Destiny Diverted
Destiny Diverted love stories

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There is nothing more heartbreaking than the word almost... they almost fell in love, but their destiny was diverted.

Destiny Diverted

‘Do you know how it feels?’ She mumbled, wondering if she should really open up or keep her feelings secure in pandoras box.

‘How what feels?’ He sighed, gazing straight through her as though she were a ghost, long deceased, but still haunting the hallways of his heart.

With a rage rising in her chest like a volcano ready to erupt, her inner fire ignited. Invisible flames danced from her mouth as she replied,

‘How it feels to be drowning in a sea of emotions.

Adrenaline surging through your entire body like a tsunami, with the ability to wipe out trees, even though they seem so deeply rooted into the ground.

How it feels to have thoughts in your mind that can never be released, like a message in a bottle that is completely lost at sea.

How it feels to be in the deepest, darkest abyss of the ocean, like an ancient shipwreck waiting to be discovered, but forgotten until all you are is a remnant of what you once were.’

Pausing for air, she glanced into his sharp, steel grey eyes. Adrenaline flowed through her veins like a harsh winter gale while she noticed him swallow the lump in his throat.

Finally, he responded with a statement that would be forever imprinted in her mind.

‘I know far too well how it feels to be turned to ice and wanting so desperately to thaw out, but the coldness of the world never ceases.

That’s why I can’t allow us to fall in love… because if we do and it goes awry, one of us will be forced into an infinite ice age. I don’t think either of us can take any more heartbreak.’

They were both scared to fall in love, they were both scared to wear their hearts on their sleeves and that fear diverted them from their destiny.

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