Friends are Friends are Food
Friends are Friends are Food horror stories
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asominate Shattered across time and space
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What are friends for?

Friends are Friends are Food

The darker darkness, I hear it calling my name, I can't escape it, it spreads through my everything, my mind, my thoughts, my feeling, my subconscious,

Nothing is safe from its contaminating touch.

I don't know why I'm here anymore, does my existence really serves a purpose?

I don't know who I am.

I d o n ' t k n o w w h e r e I a m .

I d o n ' t k n o w w h y I a m .

I think...

I think I don't know what I am.

This isn't my home, I don't belong here.

Let me out!


They ignore me, of course, they did.

Why am I here?

Ever since they caught me, they've trapped me in this human-sized cage. No, no, no! It's a room! It's my home! That's what they tell me. I don't want to believe them anymore.

I don't want to believe in them anymore.

They said they'll make me better than I ever was.

Joke's on them, multiplying any number by zero still gives you zero.





What do they want of me?

They would feed me, twice a day, I think. I really have no way of telling anymore. Who knows how long I've been here... probably they do.

What will they do to me?

I think they put something in my food. After eating, I felt so sluggish... so sleepy. Now I wake up and there are two small holes in the side of my neck.

Injections, maybe? But of what? What did they do to me? I guess there's only one way to find out.


They're paying more attention to me now. I'm... I'm scared. I don't know why they're doing this, I just want to leave. I want to go home. I can't remember anything before here.


What is happening to me?


I don't know why, but for some strange reason, the food they feed me isn't as filling anymore. Maybe they gave me some sort of appetite stimulant? I want more,

I n e e d m o r e .


I'm starving.



It feels like I'm starving, no matter how much they give me. I think they're finally starting to notice. They would feed me more regularly but...


w h a t i s t i m e a n y m o r e ?


So hungry... I'm so hungry...

I can't sleep, I close my eyes, but sleep never comes. The thing is... I don't feel the need to rest. I think I'll embrace it.


Now I just sit with my face against the bars, counting the silence and occasional hushed talking until they feed me again.


Today... today is different.

I can't take it anymore.

It's time I take matters into my own hands.

I remember it like if it was a dream. Maybe it was a dream.

I remember her opening the little door.

I remember seeing her arm coming through the little door and place a plate of food on the floor.

She was moving awfully slow. So slow that...

She didn't notice when I sank my teeth into her flesh.

S o h u n g r y

She didn't notice when I ripped her arm off.

I a m s t a r v i n g

She didn't even notice when I consumed her colleauges.

F e e d m e .

Or maybe she did.

I don't know.

I couldn't here anything over their screams.

She was always so nice to me.

Sometimes she would smile at me.

She was my only friend.


Friends are...

Friends are friends.


F r i e n d s a r e f r i e n d s .


F r i e n d s a r e f o o d .

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