Don't Do It
Don't Do It stopsuicide stories

asmodeus_666 Smiles cover up the pain inside....
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
Talk down from suicide, please don't do it. Everything will get better, I promise!! Tell me what you think! <3

Don't Do It

Put on your smile, let the pain fade away,

Although it comes back every single day

Wash away the memories and trauma,

Even if it's because of Family Drama

Make good choices, put a smile on their face

Sooner or later, you'll finish the race

You'll get to the finish line,

Even if you know that you aren't fine

Take the picture, so no one sees the truth,

What really goes on, and what you go through

Dry up those tears in your eyes,

Although you're truly dead inside

Help those who don't deserve it,

Mistakes are common, nobody's perfect

Go to bed, and wake up in the morning,

Too scared to say that it's boring

Something tells you that danger is near,

Is it true? Or is it just your fears?

Don't be sad, everything will be okay,

Although no one should feel this way

Don't Do It....

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