Sonnet IV
Sonnet IV
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askingashe Yes, beloved.
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I wrote this some time ago. It may not be as positive as I would’ve liked it to be but I’m sure people can relate. We’re all in this together. Much love

Sonnet IV

Like sunshine reflects off water be still. Breathe, inhale before day turns tomorrow. Light a candle as it splashes downhill. Crashing into trees pretty and hollow.

Stare with eyes wide open and delete my soul. Every crevice as above so below. Stare, no thinking, just a fish and his bowl. Swimming deeper yet the tide remains low.

Drowning drowning, push above the bullshit. Breathe, inhale, no time to cry a river. Swim a tad bit deeper, ground you will hit. Breathe, inhale the fumes, relax and shiver.

Scream! ..relax the pain inside, let it go. Scream! ..relax the mind and pain that’s below.

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