Collaboration attempt
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askaWe keep this love in photograph!
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This is my attempt at trying a collab!
I hope you guys would help me by giving ur side of the poetry!

Collaboration attempt

Hey guys!! After being inspired by the collaborations by many writers...especially @debaditya and @hanniecakes, I would also like to try out one!

The rules are simple! Any willing writer can participate in this collab and until or unless it is something inappropriate I will upload it as it is.

One writer can write more than once but not in a consecutive manner. I will upload the complete collab as the comments start dying out!!

Write your lines in the comments section and plz do not write anything other than you side of poetry in the comments. Plz do participate to make this one a success!!

Love love!!

Here I start!

She killed herself a million times for him, but never shed a single tear. The emotions of a person might come up to the brim, But a shore of self-respect should be clear!

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