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"New World" covid 19 stories

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My Take on the WORLD now - NEW WORLD. COVID19.

"New World"

"New World" - Home Sweet Home?

Hello 'new world', Isn't it crazy?

While we sit back and observe, this new messed up world daily

Everywhere you look, there's so much hurt and sadness. humanity is at a crisis; our souls clearly cannot handle.

Walking in public wearing a 'mask' - hearing 'it's okay little one don't worry this will pass.'

Am I protecting myself or hiding my true expression?

Wake up guys,

we are living in a world of true depression;

fighting each other, instead of creating unity,

Calling this 'home sweet home' whilst in a selfish community.

But all I hear is blame, and all I see is judgment.

Mankind fighting one another, scared from what is truly coming.

Running around in panic, instead of asking God for forgiveness,

I pray he lightens our hearts in this "new world" - full of bitterness... so much corruption.

Broken homes yet brain washed, and trapped humans begging for freedom.

I guess the universe really had enough, centuries it spent screaming; For peace. For love and for protection...once again, WE failed.

So here we are, in this new world, - watching our mothers and fathers cry.

Pretending we are all 'fine', internally trying to survive.

Look what 'they' did, created a rat race, a controlled vicious cycle. - and yet they thought we was ready, for outer space? - a whole new human race?

All I know is the world seems to be falling apart - due to false ass propaganda, and manipulated art. It's really happening, our 'new world' is due a restart...

And finally, we unite, spending time with one another - creating rare family opportunities, in this new broken society.

But the truth is, do we know one another? Like we know the difference between black and white and happiness and sadness?

Finally, showing true colours.

Beauty in its simplicity, right?

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