Feeling Lost.
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"Feeling Lost." Sometimes my mind wanders,

Feeling Lost.

"Feeling Lost."

Sometimes my mind wanders,


I don't know.

But far.

And high.

I lose track,

and I feel lost


I wonder how God must feel,

looking down on us,

We are his creation.

A "master" piece.

A work of art.

And yet with all that reassurance,

From a higher being,

I feel lost.

In the way I feel,

In the way I see,

In the way I breathe,

And in the way I talk.

I struggle to spell when I am lost,

And my attention span is at minus 10.

My dreams become vivid,

My nightmares become living.

I'm okay.

I know the best part is finding myself again.

Because we all have our moments,

Where we want to break down and cry

Or question why,

Is this happening to us.

Why am I feeling lost?

But at the end of the day,

it's just a blessing in disguise.

God made us humans,

Being human comes with a trail of emotions.

And this is where we have to become strong.


S M I L E.

So sometimes we can feel lost.

Sometimes our journey takes us somewhere we didn't ask for,

And that's the beauty of feeling lost.

Believe and Achieve.

From me to you.

Be found.


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