So Not Mine (An Airhead Fanfiction) Part 4
So Not Mine (An Airhead Fanfiction) Part 4 airhead stories
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The fourth part of So Not Mine (An Airhead Fanfiction) Em finally gets to take Kayla and Rose home, where not 1, but 2 surprises await her....

So Not Mine (An Airhead Fanfiction) Part 4

Chapter 4

I was holding little Rose in one hand and Kayla in the other as Christopher unlocked the door to the loft. When he swung the door open, I saw that he loft was beautifully decorated.

It had little helium balloons and a cute banner that said, 'Welcome Home Kayla and Rose!

" When we walked in, everyone (Lulu, Nikki, Mom, Dad, Frida, Felix, Gabriel and Steven) yelled, "Welcome home, babies!" This caused the babies to wake up and start crying hysterically.

"Oh, please don't cry!" I said as I cradled them. Everyone cringed and rushed over to help.

We finally managed to get them to fall asleep again and I laid them carefully on the sofa, since we didn't have a baby room, or so I thought. "No no no no!" my mom said.

"Honey, it's not safe to put the baby on a bed without boundaries!" "I know that mom, but we don't have a baby room." I replied. "Well, you do now!" Nikki said.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, confused. "Follow us." she said.

She lead me to the guest bedroom, which was now painted pink on one wall, purple on the opposite wall and white on the other two walls. There were two beautiful cribs in the center of the room.

One of them was pink, and on the purple side of the room, and one was purple and facing the pink side of the room.

the room had soft carpeting and a toy box full of soft toys and rattles in one corner. Next to the toy box was a little sitting area for the twins.

It was made out of those little jigsaw carpet thingies. And near the play area were two white swings, like the ones you'd find on a balcony, which I presumed were for me and Christopher.

"Wow!" I said. "You guys did all this?" "Well, all Lulu did was plan it." Nikki said. "THAT IS NOT TRUE!" Lulu said. "I did a lot more! I placed the furniture too.

" "More like tell US where to place it." said Gabriel. "But seriously you guys, this is super cool!" said Christopher. "Thank you so much for this." "Yeah, we really appreciate it." I said.

"And I also have an announcement everyone." "What is it?" everyone asked me. "I'm quitting modeling." I said. "What?!" asked Lulu.

"Why?" "I realized that I don't want my kids to grow up surrounded by cameras." I said. "I want to give them a normal childhood. The first half of mine, was amazing.

I had a normal life, a great best friend and an awesome family. But after the brain transplant, everything turned upside down.

Suddenly I was surrounded by cameras, false rumors and a horrible lifestyle. I don't want Kayla and Rose to grow up like that. I want them to make good friends and stay in school.

" "Wow, Em!" said Christopher. "Now that you say it, it's true. I wouldn't want our daughters to have that kind of a life." "Yep, your right Em." said Nikki.

"And I know this means that you'll have to fire me, but before you do so, I quit. I was going to quit after the babies came either way.

I want to be a good auntie and ensure that my goddaughters have a happy life. I've already talked it over with Lulu and I'm going to be her agent now." "Now hold on a second." Lulu said.

I was afraid she was going to take back her job opportunity for Nikki. "Who said that YOU were gonna be the godmother?" she continued.

"If anyone is gonna be Rose and Kayla's godmom, it's Lulu Collins!" I laughed, relieved. "Me and Christopher already talked it over." I said.

"Nikki Howard, you are Kayla Christine Maloney's Godmother and Lulu Collins, you are Rose Mae Maloney's godmother." "Yes!" Lulu said. "Now come here little Rosie!" I gave her Rose.

Lulu was actually surprisingly good at holding babies. "Can I hold Kayla?" asked Nikki. "Of course! Here." I said handing her little Kayla.

"What do you say we introduce Cosabella to the twins?" said Christopher. "Yes! It's good to form a bond with an animal during the early ages." I said.

"Studies show that bonding with animals makes you more compassionate and kind." Everyone stared at me, surprised. "Well forgive me for cracking open a parenting book." I said sarcastically.

"Anyway, where IS Cosy?" "We had to lock her in Lulu's room. She was tearing all the decorations and popping all the balloons, so we locked her in Lulu's room." Nikki said.

"OK, I'll go get her." I said and went to Lulu's room door. I could hear Cosabella's paws scratching at the door, desperately trying to get someone's attention and open the door for her.

I opened the door and she pounced at me, barking happily. "Now Cosy, there are two new members of this family." I said to her. "Mommy's babies have come.

And they are very excited to meet you Cosy!" Kayla and Rose had woken up again because of the barking, but this time they didn't go right back to sleep.

Nikki and Lulu had put Kayla into the pink crib and Rose in the purple crib. They looked so adorable playing with invisible dangling toys. And they looked so calm and happy.

"Rosie pie! Do you want to meet Cosy?" I asked her in baby talk. She giggled and I took that for a yes. I put Cosabella into Rose's crib and she licked her face. Rose giggled again.

"Okay now Rosie. Your sister wants to play with Cosy too. You have to share!" I said, lifting Cosy out of Rose's crib and into Kayla's. "Hello Kayla! Who's this?" I baby talked to her.

"It's Cosy! Yes it is!" I had never felt so happy. It had taken almost 7 months before I could finally take them home, and it was agonizing! I was so relieved that they had survived.

"Oh and Em?" said Nikki. "Yeah?" I said. "We have another surprise for you!" said Lulu. "What is it?" I asked. "Come on and get in the car with the babies.

" "OK?" I said confused as I picked up the babies. We got into the limo and we stopped at the airport. "Wait, what are we doing here?" I asked everyone.

"If we're gonna get on a plane, I'm gonna need to call the hospital and ask if-" I was interrupted my my mom. "Don't worry about that, we've already called and asked the hospital everything.

Now put this scarf and these sunglasses on. We don't want anyone to recognize you." "OK??" I said. Me and Christopher were very confused right now.

We stepped out and got into the private jet almost immediately. There were also cribs in the jet, so I could lay Rose and Kayla in those. "But where are we going?' Christopher asked. "Nuh-uh.

We ain't gonna tel you and ruin the surprise." said Lulu. "And you better strap Rose and Kayla in." I quickly strapped the seat-belt in the crib to both the twins. And then, we took off.....


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