Online Diary Day 5
Online Diary Day 5 online diary stories

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Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Day 5 of my online diary

Online Diary Day 5

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was horribly loaded with homework. Anyway, I've learned that counting down the days till my birthday wasn't the best idea, since it made me dread it.

So yesterday, I Face-timed my boyfriend, Mike and we talked about our dreams to go to Princeton with each other, my birthday,

his birthday (his birthday's on the 30th of September) and our friends.

We live right next door to each other in an apartment building, so maybe I can go over for his birthday, and he could come over for mine.

Mike always makes even the most horrible day seem like a dream. Last year, we surprised Steph with a birthday cake on her birthday, since it was raining outside and she couldn't get one herself.

Anyway, we settled on a Marvel marathon, even though it has more movies. So, we arranged that we'd watch half of them on Mike's birthday, and the other half on my birthday.

Even if we can't go to each other's houses, maybe we could use one of those sites that lets you watch movies and TV shows with your loved ones virtually.

So that's yesterday, and today I didn't do much really, mainly because it's 8 in the morning, and I woke up at 6, took a bath,

had a bowl of cornflakes and opened up my laptop to write on Commaful. So maybe I'll write again later today. My online classes start in...

55 minutes, so I have a lot of time to write, but nothing to write about... So, I guess I'm out!



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