Online Diary Day 2
Online Diary Day 2 my life stories

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Day 2 of my online diary. Sorry for not writing for 2 days.

Online Diary Day 2

Oh, man! I forgot to write an entry yesterday, and the day before that. I ain't that great at keeping a diary, I don't wanna lie.

Anyway, yesterday was Monday, the first day of school after the weekend. Very boring...

We talked about the Kreb's Cycle, which I have ALREADY LEARNED IN THE 8th GRADE!!! Well, good news was, I passed the surprise quiz with an A+!

So, today it is officially 46 days till my birthday, and hopefully the lockdown is lifted by then,

'cause WW84 (Wonder Woman 1984) is releasing in October, so it would be awesome if I could watch it on my birthday. And I am loving the '80s and '90s theme going on in recent movies and music.

Like Captain Marvel, or Blinding Lights by The Weeknd (no I did not misspell 'Weekend', his stage name is 'The Weeknd').

If Black Widow was releasing in October, I would def watch that too, but it's releasing a month AFTER my birthday, which totally sucks, but I can live with it.

I recently got thinking if Tony Stark's death could have been avoided in Endgame, and when I googled it, it said the reason he died was because Robert Downey Jr.

(the guy who plays him) didn't want to continue to play him, don't ask me why. I mean, if I got a role in a Marvel movie, I would NEVER quit.

But in the MCU, I realized that he didn't have to die.

The first time the Avengers did the whole 'snap' thing, Bruce did it and nothing happened to him, so if Bruce did it again, Tony wouldn't have had to die. Hmm...

I'm gonna have to rewatch Endgame to tell.

But I was really dissapointed when Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's 'Endgame' wasn't the closing credits music, but, I have to admit, the lyrics are something along the lines of,

"I wanna be your endgame (endgame). I wanna be your A team (A team). I wanna be your first string (first string). I wanna be your endgame, endgame.

Big reputations, big reputations, oooh you and I got big reputations ahh-." OK I'll stop now. But the point is that the lyrics have nothing to do with the movie.

Okay, my online classes are about to start so....

Buh-bye! (childish, I know. But it was the first thing I thought of) Ashlee

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