Online Diary Day 1
Online Diary Day 1 diary stories

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Hey everyone. I have decided to start an online diary, since I can't make time to write stories and I am not very good at poetry. So, enjoy!

Online Diary Day 1

Just a boring day... And online classes on Friday were abnormally boring, since the dumb kids in my class kept asking the same question again and again.

It's officially 47 days to my Sweet 16, and I won't be able to celebrate due to dumb ol' quarantine.

My dream Sweet 16 party would probably involve me getting a driver's license and a car, but I guess that ain't happening this year. Instead, what I plan to do is play video games.

Pathetic, I know. Or maybe I could have a movie marathon. So the real question is, 'Star Wars, or Marvel??' I guess I don't really know...

My best friend Stephanie, or Steph, had her Sweet 16 literally a day before quarantine, and we had an awesome time, completely unaware of the horrors that awaited us just the next day,

and when the quarantine was announced, we had only 2 rolls of toilet paper left for me, my little sister, my parents and my grandparents.

It's so horrible living so close to Malibu beaches during quarantine and it's as if they're taunting me, "Come to me! Swim in me!"

The beautiful water and soft sand is so tempting, especially since the beach is almost completely empty, except for the occasional beach cleaner (is that what they're called?).

But I'm NOT dumb enough to let my temptations overcome my safety. It's official, 2020 is a total mess. Bye! Ashlee

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