Giving my little pooch a bath
Giving my little pooch a bath bath stories

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My entry for the "Bath" daily competition.

Giving my little pooch a bath

"Cookie!" I yelled hoping to find my husky puppy. "It's time for your bath!" I finally found her hiding under my bed. "Oh, come on Cookie." I said.

"A bath isn't so bad!" I pulled her out and took her into the bathroom. Cookie was not taking this very calmly. She was barking and whimpering all the way there.

In the bathroom, I sat her in the bath tub as she desperately tried to jump out. Unsuccessfully.

I slowly turned on the tap as she struggled to stay away from the water, she couldn't because I was splashing the water on her. "Okay Cookie, time for the flea dip!" I said.

Cookie whimpered as if to say, "But it burns my fur! In fact, water burns my fur!" We were about halfway through the bath when Cookie found a way to escape!

She jumped out of the bath, splashing water and flea dip all over me! I wanted to scream at her, and I was about to too! "COOKIE!

YOU NAUGHTY LITTLE-" She flashed me those puppy dog eyes, and I just couldn't stay mad! "Awww. It's okay, Cookie." I said, my heart melting.

"But you need to take your bath, you know that right?" She nodded sadly. "I'll give you a bacon treat if you take your bath..." I prompted her. Her eyes lit up and I took that as a yes.

She was very calm though the rest of the bath. "Good dog." I said as I dried her with a towel and a hair dryer.

Then I put her leash back on and led her into the kitchen and gave her her promised bacon treat. She ate it happily and then went scratching on the deck door. "Okay, okay. I'm letting you out.

" I said, opening the deck door. Cookie shot out like a rocket to go chase a squirrel. And by the time she came backinside, she was covered in mud and I had to give her a bath all over again.

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