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The part 1 of an Airhead Fanfiction series, the part 2 will be out in the next 2 days. Enjoy! I have also posted the same story on my Fandom Wiki, Meg Cabot Fan-fiction Wiki. Please go check that out and leave your comments and ideas. Thanks.

Airhead Fanfiction

Chapter 15.1

After Lulu left. I stayed up, just staring at the wall, alone with my thoughts. I was confused, how could I actually be friends (well, sort of) with an F.O.N? I finally fell asleep around 2.

The next morning, Dr. Holcombe woke me up at 7, which of course meant I got only 5 hours of sleep.

For most people, it would be a very tiring night routine, but I was used to getting less than 3 hours of sleep, because when I was back in my old body,me and Christopher would stay up till 2 am playing Journeyquest. And then I would have to stay up till 3 to do my homework, leaving me with only 2 hours of sleep on an average night.

So, I had no trouble at all getting up so early.

Dr. Holcombe said they needed to run some physical tests. I groaned and hid behind the covers. Because the truth is, I've never really enjoyed PE at school, and I wasn't very good at it either.

"Do I have too?" I groaned still beneath the sheets. "Unfortunately, you do, Nikki." "I AM NOT NIKKI HOWARD!" I started to say, then I remembered.

The doctors had stuck my brain in a supermodel's body. Then it hit me. It was impossible to keep so slim and have a "perfect" body without working out at least 60 times a month.

Maybe, in my new body, I could improve at sports. Not that I care, but just maybe... So I decided to give it a try. "Alright" I said, coming out from underneath the covers.

"Get me some workout clothes, and don't call me Nikki, it feels wrong." "Sure, Em." Dr.

Holcombe said, sounding very pleased with himself, obviously not knowing it wasn't him who had talked me into it, but myself.

I got out of bed after Dr. Holcombe left the room and paced around.

I was careful not to be seen from outside a window, but I later doubted that that would be possible, since the were tinted glass. Smart. I thought.

Soon, my mom arrived with the clothes. "Here, honey. These are the clothes you asked for." she said, handing them to me. "Thanks Mom." "Hon, if you want to talk about-" she began. "No. I don't."

How could I possibly want to talk about the fact that everyone I know and love thinks that I'm dead!

Why in the Sam heck would I wanna talk about the one thing that's causing me so much heart ache, I'm questioning how I'm still alive, except of course, I'm not.

I walked toward the bathroom in my hospital room with my face carefully hidden behind Nikki's long blond hair so she wouldn't see that I was crying.

Based on Airhead by Meg Cabot

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