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The very anticipated (I think? Let me know in the comments) second part of the Airhead fanfiction written by the one and only ashwrites aka Ashlee (Me). Let me be clear that this is NOT the second part of So Not Mine. The second part of THAT will be called 'So Not Mine (An Airhead Fanfiction) Part 2'. Thanks for reading and enjoy! The same story is also o my Fandom Wiki, Meg Cabot Fan-fiction Wiki, a free to use launching point of beginner Fanfiction Writer. Enjoy!

Airhead Fanfiction Part 2

Chapter 15.2

After I changed, one of the nurses took me to a room. I suppose it was a gym, but it was very different to any of the gyms I'd ever seen.

It was covered with padding and next to every piece of equipment was a weird machine, like the one next to my bed whose sticker thingies I was constantly taking off.

I could see Dr.Higgins and Dr. Holcombe behind a glass screen. "Hello Em." Dr. Higgins said. "This is your physical training room. We'd like you to get on the treadmill please?" "Uh, sure."

I said, stepping onto the treadmill. The nurse helped me hook the machines up to me.

Then, the machine started whirring and the next thing I knew, it was on, I started walking, which turned into a jog, which into s slow run. And for once, I was not panting 15 minutes in.

I have to say, it wasn't all that gloomy or horrible at all. In fact, it was quite pleasant. "Very good, Em." Dr. Holcombe said, while Dr. Higgins took notes.

"Can you go on the chest-press now?" asked Dr. Higgins. She pointed to a difficult to move looking thing.

"Uh, are you sure?' I doubted Nikki's puny hand could take that much weight without snapping a bone. "Yes, we're very sure." said Dr. Holcombe replied.

I gulped and walked over to it, hooking the machine to my forehead, wrist and chest again. Then I sat down on the chair above the thing your supposed to push up and down.

I took a deep breath and lifted the thing up without much difficulty. I was surprised! Well, I guess being Nikki has its advantages.

And I actually enjoyed it!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I almost forgot about the whole my-best-friend-thinks-I'm-dead-but-I'm-not-and-if-I-tell-him-Stark-Enterprises-is-gonna-sue-my-parents thing.

I had to do a few more exercises and by the next hour, I was ready for the post exercise examination. I had to follow this routine for the next few days, until Lulu showed up one night.

"Nik! Nikki! Wake up!" she whispered. "What?" I groaned, checking the time. It was 4 am. 3 hours away from my waking time. "Guess what?" she said, sounding really excited.

"Kelly got you Sports Illustrated!!" "Lulu, I don't need a magazine." I said, still groggy. "No, you silly! She got you on the cover of SI!" Lulu said.

"And I'm supposed to like this because?" I asked. "Right, the spirit transfer, you don't know anything..."

"Lulu, I don't have a sp-" It was at this moment that I realized it was better to leave her thinking I had a "spirit transfer" than tell her the truth since she obviously wouldn't understand a thing.

"Right, the spirit transfer. So tell me why I'm supposed to be so excited about SI?" I asked. "It was Nikki's dream to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. So now, it's yours!" Lulu replied.

"OK... Listen Lulu, you should get out of here before you get caught again." I said. "Right! See you at the loft!" she said. And then she left. The funny thing was I didn't want her to leave.

And I didn't know why... Except maybe for the fact that she was the first female friend I'd had since, like, the 5th grade.

It was kind of nice to have a girl, who understood you better than a boy. I'm not saying Christopher didn't understand me, but...

Maybe, just maybe, deep down, I've always wanted to be like Whitney Robertson... Oh no! What am I saying?! Nikki must be catching on, unfortunately.

I wish Mom hadn't made me take Frida to that stupid Stark Convention.

Based on Airhead by Meg Cabot

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