Get Through
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ashwinidodaniverified Published Poet. Human. Spiritualist.
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Get Through

by ashwinidodani

Every time I thought of you, you surprised me by showing up, even be it in my thoughts

Every time I loved you more than required, you surprised me by making me realize, the value of gratitude...

Every time I was there for you, you did not respect my time, emotions or hunger, you hung up on me...

Every time you experienced success, I jumped in joy with you, for you, besides you, you couldn't see me...

Every time we made love, I saw your eyes and blinked, you closed your eyes, we kissed, sometimes I could feel swallowing you demons...

Every time we walked alone on the road, I kept looking for stones, so that they don't hurt you, they don't pierce what's mine...

Every time we climbed mountains to scream, you almost threw me off the cliff, to make me wonder if I am valuable to you...

And one night you never returned till the morn, I waited all night long, I saw the first sunrise without you, I saw each star fading away and coming towards me like a bullet, Today, I am shot...

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