Friends with Benefits
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I told him I loved him. He looked nervous. No.. not nervous.. scared. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

Friends with Benefits

This is a Rudias fanfiction! It will have three pages on Monday, Wednesday, Frieday, and sometimes Sunday. It's kinda kinky. Beware.

I panted. Out of breath. Tobias was running out of breath too, but he still kissed me roughly. "T-tobias.. I think we should slow down." I huffed. He looked sad, upset even. "Wh-why? I thought you like kissing me.." he whispered. "I-I do! But we need... To slow down..." I smiled at him and played with his messed up hair.

He put his hand on my face and leaned forward. He slowly kissed me. A gentle, slow kiss? This doesn't seem like Tobi. "Like that, Rudolph?" He whispered softly. I shook my head and I could see hearts in his eyes... He smiled.

He kissed my neck and shoulders. "I love you, Tobias..." But that seemed to have caught him off guard. His eyes widened. He looked nervous. No.. not nervous... But scared...

Part 1 end. Leave a like if you enjoyed this, I guess. And I'll make more. Even if no one asks for it. :) Have a good night/day and remember to always wear your seatbelt! ❤

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