Graveyard sad stories
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ashtonanderson Community member
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This is my first poem posting to this website. Please be nice! I wrote this after my first breakup. I was in a tough spot after and this poem came out.


The future is inconspicuous for I no longer can be moved

The graveyard of the past constrains me in a land so vile

As all I wish is for a day that isn't abused

But the memories remind me that's I'm on a trail

The one against me is in the past.

With memories against me as I fall into the dark

Wishing for the blade to be drawn

As I am bleeding while you are aghast

The effect you left on me what's greater than a mark.

Buried you lay within my heart, but I am not a Pawn.

A grave for me shall remain empty as can be

A place in your heart not for me.

Tears be shedding as the memories rise

The past will no longer hide.

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