she was the moon–poetry

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ashlynnleigh just a girl who wants to be a writer
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a cute little poem about a girl who was the ​moon, and i don't know how she did it, but goddamn was she good at it.

she was the moon–poetry

she was like the moon,

a part of her was always hidden.

she was strong, just like a rock,

but even rocks erode over time.

she had a lot of distance from her closest friends,

but she always came back in the end.

just like the moon, she was broken down.

even the smallest of meteors

could leave craters behind.

and like the moon,

she appeared to shine,

but it was only a reflection

of others.

she couldn't produce her own light,

so she reflected off of everyone else.

because sometimes, you have to.

sometimes you can't shine

maybe not even after nine

and sometimes you have to whine,

"it doesn't need to be mine,

as long as I look fine

I don't need a spine

because I'm all wrapped in twine

and that twine is like spline,"

so I make a b-line

but, in the end, it doesn't even matter

​because. . .

she was the moon

and I was her sun.

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