deception; the thief

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ashlynnleigh just a girl who wants to be a writer
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somethings consume your entire existence

deception; the thief

deception put me in the wrong direction.

i thought it was taking me right,

but instead it guided left,

with a blindfold on.

i have remorse

for ever trusting them.

their name screamed caution,

but i was too deaf to hear.

deafened by their exquisite words

and their beautiful mask.

i tend to trust beautiful things.

beauty can hold so much power over people

they made me believe i could trust them

and i did trust them

but i was wrong to

beauty can't be trusted

unless it's from the inside and true

but that beauty is rare

deception isn't beautiful, they wore a mask

masking me from the truth,

masking me from their ugly insides,

masking me with words that weren't their own,

masking me from the horrible monster they were.

deception has a way with words.

how they put the perfect syllables and vowels together.

the words when separated seem normal,

but together create this beautiful song-like melody.

deception told me lies

beautiful lies.

so beautiful i ignored the red flags

bright red flags that were waved right in my face.

the more i was told they were bad for me,

the less i could hear.

to a point that i was deaf to their words.

i just assumed they meant 'i love you'.

i can feel everywhere they touched on my body

burned into my brain

as if i wanted to be reminded how their unwanted hands clawed at my throat.

mental scars and bruises

that are healing too slow,

time won't fix them.

nothing will.

everytime i look at myself

i don't see a strong beautiful girl anymore,

but only a broken-down idea, that's just barely breathing.

i have no friends now

i pushed them all away

because i'm afraid they'll hurt me,

like deception did

because i allowed deception to hibernate under me.

deception unhinged my jaw and climbed right under my skin.

deception did this all to me.

blinded me with their looks,

deafened me with the words they said,

numbed me with every single touch,

i was always at a loss for words.

and that's what haunts me.

i could never say no.

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