Adventures of the Templars 1 The Founder's Beginning
Adventures of the Templars 1

      The Founder's Beginning starwars stories

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What if Padme Amidala never fell pregnant? What if Anakin Skywalker killed Palpatine instead of joining him? Ashlyn Dubreas is a mischievous Youngling from the planet of Naboo. Will she live up to expectations of the Jedi High Council and above all her new Master? Join Ashlyn for her first year as a Jedi Padawan which turns out to be more harder than she thought it would be.

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Adventures of the Templars 1 The Founder's Beginning

Chapter 1- Force Sensitive Children

Ashlyn Dubreas was no ordinary four-year-old child on the planet of Naboo, she was Force sensitive and loved the prospect of one day leaving Naboo to train at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

However, her mother saw it differently because she was worried about losing her only child in the growing war.

There were also rumours about a law stating that children born into the Republic with the gift of the Force no longer being able to choose whether they want to go or not.

“Ashlyn!” her mother called, “Come on, we’re going to be late!”

Ashlyn came down the steps slowly and whined, “Mum, if we leave the house then we might miss the visit from the Jedi Representative, he’s due any day now.”

Then there was a knock on the door and her mother turned and opened it to find a Jedi Knight on the doorstep.

“Good evening Mrs Dubreas, may I have a moment with you?”, the Knight inquired in a friendly tone.

Ashlyn’s mother nodded before leading the Jedi into the sitting room, and then turned around to point up at the roof, telling her daughter to go back to her room.

“I am sorry for not giving you any notice, Mrs Dubreas, but the Jedi Council has sent me to get all the Force sensitive children and I have not been able to get a hold of your daughter for some time now,” the Knight said, “It seems almost as if you have been avoiding the visit.”

“So is it true that my daughter doesn’t get a choice in the matter?” she asked.

“Sad to say but yes, it is the new law that has been passed by the Council and approved by the Senate,” he replied sadly, “Oh, where are my manners? I’m Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi.”

“Can’t she just stay here with me, please?” Mrs Dubreas pleaded.

Obi-wan Kenobi simply shook his head, “Sorry, I cannot return to Coruscant without her.” The woman broke into tears and Obi-wan Kenobi comforted her just as he had done to all of the other mothers.

“Can you please go upstairs and bring your daughter down here?” Obi-wan requested.

The mother nodded her head and exited the room to go upstairs, while waiting for her to return Obi-wan meditated to clear his mind.

Then he snapped out of it as he felt another Force-user enter the room, she had such a strong signature in the Force; he opened his eyes.

“Come here, Youngling,” Obi-wan said as he held out his hands to beckon the child to come to him. She came over to him and he placed his hands on her shoulders. “Name?” Obi-wan asked.

“Ashlyn Dubreas,” she replied with confidence as she looked at the Jedi Master through a fringe of light blonde hair with deep blue eyes which were filled with curiosity.

“Such a lovely name. My name is Obi-wan Kenobi, may I take a sample of your blood Ashlyn?” he inquired gently, taking out an odd instrument as Ashlyn nodded.

He pricked her finger and Obi-wan instructed her to put pressure on her finger while the instrument measured the midi-clorian levels in her blood.

Obi-wan Kenobi frowned at the result, “You shouldn’t have tried to keep her from me earlier, Mrs Dubreas, because law or no law, she doesn’t have a choice in the matter at all.”

“What are you talking about?” the mother asked worriedly.

“Did Ashlyn get a midi-clorian level test when she was born?” the Jedi asked seriously.

“No, why?”

“Because your daughter should have been raised at the Temple right from birth, she has an extremely high level for children of her age,” Obi-wan said, “I will wait outside while you pack your things Ashlyn.”

Then Obi-wan Kenobi exited the house and sat outside as he pulled out his comlink, “Anakin, can you send a message to the Council please?”

“Of course, Master, what’s the message?” Anakin asked.

“The Naboo Youngling’s midi-clorian level is higher than normal,” Obi-wan replied. “I’ll pass it along, Master.”

After Obi-wan Kenobi clipped his comlink back onto his belt he didn’t have to wait long for the Youngling to come out the door with a bag over her shoulder. “Did you say goodbye to your mother?” Obi-wan Kenobi asked.

The girl nodded quietly as she then followed the Jedi Master down the street to the closest hanger, where she boarded a very elegant star skiff.

They were met at the entrance by another Jedi. “Is this the last Youngling, Master?” he asked, looking at Ashlyn and then back at Obi-wan.

“Anakin this is Ashlyn Dubreas, Ashlyn this Anakin Skywalker; he is my Padawan Learner,” Obi-wan Kenobi introduced them to each other.

“How are you, Ashlyn?” Anakin asked.

Ashlyn nodded in reply with a confident smile.

“We’ll be off back to Coruscant then,” Obi-wan said, leading the way up the loading ramp and into the ship.

“Oh, and Master, the Council wants her to be brought straight to them upon arrival,” Anakin said before taking Ashlyn to where the other Younglings were.

Upon entering the passenger hold, Ashlyn found around twenty other children ranging from as young as a few months old to around eight years old.

“Get back in your seats,” Anakin ordered gently which the children responded to quickly, “We will arrive at Coruscant shortly,” he added as he turned around and left the room.

Ashlyn sat there on her seat quietly feeling slightly nervous about what the Jedi Temple and Coruscant would be like.

“Hi,” the girl next to her greeted casually, “Are you excited about starting Jedi Training?” she asked and Ashlyn nodded softly in reply.

“I was so excited when Master Kenobi arrived at my house yesterday,” the girl said overflowing with energy, “My name is Kyra, Kyra Scorpio.”

“Ashlyn, Ashlyn Dubreas,” Ashlyn introduced herself, “What is your homeworld?” she asked out of curiosity.

“Chandrillia,” Kyra answered, “I’m guessing that yours is Naboo seeing as you were the last to come aboard, and the Padawan told us that’s where we were?” she inquired.

Ashlyn nodded with a slight smile as she got a really good prompting that the two of them were going to be really good friends.

*Jedi Temple on Coruscant*

“Master Kenobi, what have you discovered?” Master Mace Windu asked Obi-wan curiously.

“The Youngling from Naboo, her midi-clorian level is higher than average and she should have been raised here in the Temple,” Master Kenobi explained.

“Where is she?” Master Windu asked curiously.

“She is outside the door,” Master Kenobi answered as the door opened and Anakin walked in with a Youngling right behind him.

Master Yoda chuckled softly; “A fondness for you she has Skywalker,” he said.

Anakin blushed awkwardly and moved to stand beside his Master.

“Youngling, step forward,” Master Yoda instructed as the young girl took a few confident strides forward so she was in the middle of the big circle of Jedi Masters.

“Name?” Master Fisto requested.

“Ashlyn Dubreas of Naboo,” the girl stated simply.

“How high is her midi-clorian level?” Master Mundi inquired curiously.

“The blood test showed levels just on 19, 000,” Master Kenobi paused, “Whether it is higher or not I am not sure.”

The Masters all frowned and Ashlyn suddenly became nervous that something might be wrong with her.

Anakin sensed this and while remembering how he had been brought before the Council upon his arrival at the Temple, he knelt down and placed a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

The Council members stopped to watch this exchange; Masters Windu and Yoda looked at each other with a look in their eyes that none of the others had ever seen before.

“Very well. Skywalker, take her to her to her clan’s quarters and show her around the Temple. Master Kenobi stay here, we need to talk to you in private,” Master Windu said as Anakin lead the Youngling out of the room.

*2 Years Later*

Ashlyn Dubreas woke up slowly as Master Luminara Unduli, their Clan Master, came walking down the long room that was the private quarters for the Wolf Clan to wake up the Younglings.

“We better get to the Mess Hall before the boys do, otherwise all the good stuff will be gone,” Kyra said as she pulled one of her boots on.

“You go ahead; I’ve got something I need to do,” Ashlyn said.

Her friend shrugged her shoulders and shook her head as she left the room mumbling, “Just don’t get yourself into any trouble, otherwise you’ll be stuck doing laundry duties during free time for a month.”

Ashlyn grinned mischievously as what Kyra said planted an idea in her head and the trouble making Youngling decided she would prank Obi-wan Kenobi. Then she got up off the bed and strode out of the room as she came up with the perfect prank to play on ‘The Great Negotiator’.

Anakin had told her the other day about how Obi-wan had fallen into a nest of Gundarks, whatever those were, on their last mission to Vanqor. Ashlyn’s mission was to find out about it because the Jedi Master would not tell a single soul about the mission and Anakin wouldn’t spill the beans to her.

Luckily for her, it didn’t take an extreme effort to find him because he and Anakin were in the mess hall.

“Hey, Master Kenobi,” Ashlyn said as she plopped down into the seat next to him and looked at the Jedi Master with the look he knew all too well.

It was the: ‘I have a question for you, and I’m going to follow you around until you answer it’ look.

Obi-wan had a bad feeling about this since he knew how strong the Youngling’s will and curiosity was at times like this.

“Master Kenobi, what happened to you in the nest of Gundarks?” Ashlyn asked with a cheeky grin on her face.

Obi-wan groaned and rolled his eyes before glaring at Anakin who was now laughing hysterically.

“No, no, no and NO!” Obi-wan muttered sternly as he looked Ashlyn in the eye to try and get her to not continue down the path she was obviously so inclined to follow and wasn’t going to be diverted.

“Why, Master? I really want to know,” Ashlyn whined, “Life is so boring here at the Temple and the only adventure I’m exposed to are stories of you and Anakin fighting the Separatists. And no one can tell me this one but you and it’s not even about the Seps. Please Master Kenobi?!” Ashlyn pleaded.

“You know, Master, she isn’t going to leave you alone until you tell her,” Anakin stated simply.

“Yes thank you for pointing out the obvious, Padawan,” Obi-wan said grudgingly. This hadn’t been the first time the six-year-old Youngling had bugged a story out of him; last time she had been five years old.

“Oh please, Master Kenobi! Please, please, please with sugar on top?!” Ashlyn pleaded.

“No,” Obi-wan said as he ate the last spoonful of porridge and then got up to walk away only to have Ashlyn follow him.

“What about strawberries?”


“Icing sugar?”


“Apple sauce?”


“Then what do you want on top?” Ashlyn asked as she was hot on his heels down the hall.

“Nothing,” Obi-wan replied as he continued to walk.

“Okay,” Ashlyn said, seeming to have stopped but then, “what about nimberries?” she asked.

Anakin was walking along behind Ashlyn and was still laughing at the Youngling’s antics to get his Master to talk.

“What about ice-cream?”


It continued like this until lunch time when Obi-wan finally lost it.

“What about Wookie juice? I heard that it’s kind of nice but I don’t like the sound of it,” Ashlyn said in distaste.

“Okay, Ashlyn, enough already!” Obi-wan almost yelled before stalking into his and Anakin’s quarters with the Youngling following close after his Padawan.

“Please Master Kenobi, I won’t tell a living soul, I promise,” Ashlyn pleaded for what she was sure to be the millionth time that day.

Obi-wan groaned and then leaned forward out of the chair he was sitting in and replied, “Oh fine then.”


Obi-wan told her the story, and Ashlyn was a very good listener; she laughed, gasped, awed and ahhed at all the right places.

Then when the story was over Ashlyn jumped off the seat and departed from them with a, “Thanks Master Kenobi!”

“What a peculiar child,” Obi-wan muttered in clear astonishment.

“I told you Master, all you had to do was tell her the story and she would have left you alone straight away,” Anakin stated.

End of Chapter 1 Feel free to read the rest of Book 1 on Book 2 is also fully posted on the site and Book 3 is being posted.

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