Tutor (Long Larry AU)
Tutor (Long Larry AU) larry stylinson stories
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ashly_writes Writer of Love and Heartbreak
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I've been writing a lot of long stories and I'm sorry but LARRY FOR LIFE <3 Love you guys :D

Tutor (Long Larry AU)

*Louis is in trouble for his math grade, his teacher tried to speak with him about it and he fought back, getting him here in the principle's office.*

Louis: I'm sorry Miss...may I please have a tutor?

Miss M: Thank you for apologizing Louis, I'm sure your teacher would enjoy hearing that.

Louis: Yes ma'am and I will tell her as soon as I see her, I promise. Now, who is my tutor going to be...? If I may ask.

Miss M: You may ask but I need to speak with the teacher, come Monday, on lunch, and we will let you two meet. Have a good weekend, Mr. Tomlinson.

Louis: I will, you too and thank you, Miss M.

*timeskip to Monday afternoon*

Miss M: Okay Harold, I expect you to tutor Mr. Tomlinson in a professional manner, I think it would benefit him. I know you will do as told.

Harry: Yes ma'am. I will not disappoint!

Louis: *Knocks on office door*

Miss T: Come in! *Louis comes in* Nice to see you Mr. Tomlinson. This is your tutor Harry Styles, he is a grade below you but he is in advanced classes, you may have met.

He should be able to teach you what you need to know.

Louis: *Loses all capability to speak because...CRUSH ALERT!*

Harry: Hi Louis, nice to meet you. I hope we get along and I hope I can help you. Anyway, why don't we meet after school?

Louis: *Nods and gulps, unable to do anything else*

*After school, at Harry's place*

Harry: My family usually isn't home this time so we got the house to ourselves, easier to learn that way anyway.

*When Harry smiled after speaking Louis could not think or breathe normally*

Louis: O-Okay it'll be g-great!

Harry: I think so too, you should talk more by the way...it's nice. Anywho, come on.

Louis: *Follows Harry up to his room, once they get in the sit on the bed* Nice room.

Harry: Thanks, let's get started.


Louis: The answer is...three?

Harry: Yeah! You got it, good job. Let's take a break.

Louis: Okay, what do you wanna talk about?

Harry: Um, tell be a bit about yourself. I'll do the same.

Louis: Oh okay, well my full name is Louis William Tomlinson, I have four sisters, I enjoy listening to music and reading.

Harry: Awesome! What kind of music?

Louis: I like Pop, Rock, and some R&B. Now, no changing subject tell me about you.

Harry: Darn it! Um, my name is Harry Edward Styles, I have one older sister, and I like to sing. I'm actually in a band.

Louis: *Chuckles* What's the name of your band?

Harry: We're the White Eskimo! Um, want to play 21 questions so we can get to know the things about each other we want to?

Louis: *Nods*


Harry: Okay...*laughs a bit* Who do you like?

Louis: *Battles in mind for a moment* Question skip...?

Harry: No! I want to know, I won't judge you, I promise!

Louis: This is going to sound weird...but let me explain!

*Harry nods*

Louis: I like...*deep breath* you. I like you, Harry. I have for a couple years now, but I've been too scared to say anything let alone be friends and I'm sorry okay? I'm sor-

Harry: *Leans in and cuts him off with a kiss* I feel the same way, I have for a while. I am so happy, you have no idea.

*Louis leans in again*

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