Liam: Okay, hold on...what happened?!
Liam: Okay, hold on...what happened?! crushing stories

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Larry Fight

Liam: Okay, hold on...what happened?!

Harry: Me and Louis got in a fight, he-he s-said he couldn’t wait to be free from me when he leaves to go on tour.

Liam: *Shakes his head* He wouldn’t say that, would he?

Harry: The fight started because...I said something about Eleanwhore.

He said that he couldn’t help they were still “together” and I should calm down, not worry about it.

Liam: He can’t help they’re together Harry, the telling you to basically “forget about it” is rude but, at the same time, he’s right. He shouldn’t have said it though, so don’t get me wrong.

Harry: *Nods along, thinking*

Liam: You guys have to talk this out, maybe you should go call him. Talk.


Harry: Okay, okay. *Calls Loubear❤️*

Louis: Hello? *Choked sob*

Harry: Louis? Baby?

Louis: *Sniffled gasp* H-Harry?

Harry: It’s me, Boobear. I’m sorry for getting so jealous...

Louis: Ha-Hazza no. I should have never told you to leave it alone, I know it’s hard seeing me and Eleanor having to pretend to date. I couldn’t imagine being in your situation.

I didn’t mean what I said about leaving either, that’s an-anything but the truth. I love you, so so much. P-please come home! *Sobs*

Harry: N-n-n-no, Boo don’t cry. I’m coming home, I want to just hold you. Please?

Louis: Please come home...*Starts crying harder*

*Already out the door, yelling to Liam* THANKS LI! *Shuts the door, dashing to the car, zooms home*

Liam: Those two, *chuckles* I swear.

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