He's Holding On
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ashly_writes Writer of Love and Heartbreak
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My life pt.2

P.S. I wanted to add I wrote these a few days ago and posting them now so this is basically an everyday diary, I wrote the first one the other day and this one the day after.

He's Holding On

Here he comes again, my knight in shining armor?

He means so much to me, maybe I'm just replacing him with you.

I swear I'm not trying to.

Why does it feel like I'm on a timer?

He just hurts me.

Maybe that's why I want you...

Maybe that's why I want you... you wouldn't

My mind is constraining me now, I just want to be free.

All these thoughts run through my head, and I cannot sort them

I'm hanging by a thread,

He's holding onto me.

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