For Your Eyes Only
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ashly_writes Writer of Love and Heartbreak
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Cute little story I came up with when thinking of If I Could Fly...

For Your Eyes Only

Harry: *Singing to himself* And I hope you don’t run from me...

Louis: For your eyes only, Hazza!

Harry: *Jumps* Jesus! You’re scary, y’know that?

Louis: Well, this is our room so I’m allowed in here, it’s your fault you’re voice is too beautiful for me to stay away!

Harry: Hush Lou, you’re line makes the whole song. Every time I hear it I die!

Louis: Hazza, NO! Don’t die on me please, I’ll stop singing then. If that keeps you alive.

Harry: You know that not what I-

Louis: I never wanna kill my Hazza, it’s decided. I’m not singing.

Harry: That’s not what I meant.

Louis: *Continuing to rant*

Harry: Louis,

Louis: *Stops* What?

Harry: Your voice is amazing, if you stop singing that’s when I’ll actually die. You make me melt baby.

Louis: Really?

Harry: Yes, now...Daddy I want a hug!

Louis: I couldn’t say no, even if I wanted to!

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