Boy's Night Out
Boy's Night Out larry stylinson stories

ashly_writes Writer of Love and Heartbreak
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Sorry this is really long... :P LARRY FOR LIFE <3

Boy's Night Out

Zayn: Hey boys, wanna go out tonight?

Liam: Yeah, I think that would be really good for all of us, with everything going on in the band.

Niall: Yeah sounds good to me, lads. Harry, Lou you coming? *Mumbles* Lovebirds...

Harry: Huh? What?

Louis: Yeah, what? *Still staring at Harold*

Zayn: You guys were "lost" again...*making hand quotations*

Harry: Oh, sorry lads. What's going on?

All but Lou and Harry: We're trying to have a boy's night!

Louis: Jeez, okay guys.

Harry: When are you guys thinking of doing this?

Liam: I was thinking tonight after we all shower and stuff/

Niall: Sounds good to me, let's all head home now. It's 4:30 and all you lads need to get ready.

Everyone: Yeah.

*Timeskip to that night*

Niall: Where are those boys?

Zayn: I swear they are always late.

*Louis runs up to them*

Louis: Sorry we're late again, we got caught up getting ready.

Liam: Where's Hazza?

*Louis gives Li the death glare*

Liam: Fine, sorry. Where's Harold?

*Louis' eyebrow raise*

Liam: Where's Harry? You happy now Louis?

Louis: *Happy nod* He must still be in the car, fixing his shirt. He broke one of the buttons while trying to rush getting ready.

Niall: Do I want to know why he was getting ready rushed?

Zayn: *Shakes head*

Louis: I doubt it, let's go into the pub and wait till he gets there. I'm ready for some pints!

Liam: Hope he gets ready soon or I'm going in without him.

*Harry runs up*

Harry: Sorry, sorry. Had to find a shirt in the car, luckily I had left one in there in case of emergencies a while ago.

Louis: Come on, let's get in there!

*After maybe a few too many drinks*

Harry: Lou?

Louis: Yes...?

Harry: I love ya, za lot.

Louis: Aww I love yas too!

LARRY: *Starts making out*

The other boys: Come on guys! Why do you always have to do this when we go out?!

LARRY: *Still holding onto each other, parting lips* Becuzzz we loves efchotzer!

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