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ashleyyyl Community member
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A poem about the first boy I ever truly cared about who broke me...the first time. This was written after the first time we broke up.

First boy

you were the first boy I really trusted

i opened up to you - I told you things some of my closets friends don't even know

you were so sweet to me in the beginning

it was almost..unreal

you made my life so much better

i cried less

i felt less depressed

you made me happier than I had ever been in a long long time

you said i made you happy too

you said, you didn't deserve me

you said, how did you get blessed with a girl like me

so what changed

why did a break, ruin everything

was it cause of your family, or your ex, or all of a sudden was I not good enough

i helped you with so much, and you did the same back

you were the longest relationship i had ever had

i know three months isn't long - but i have a hard time trusting

so i latched to you, i trusted you, i thought we had a future

you were the sweetest guy i ever knew

then you just. changed.

you never texted, or snapped, or called

we didn't walk together or hold hands or hang out

you ignored me in class and in the halls

you went out of your way to avoid me whenever you could

and when i called you out, you said you didn't want to hurt me

yet i cried almost every day for 2 weeks contemplating what to do

i shouldn't have let your friend convince me to stay

i should have ended it with you when i wanted to, not cried on the bus later that day to only have you end it with me hours later

you fucked me up. screwed with my heart. my head. my soul.

it took me weeks to finally be okay, and now you're back

you want to be friends - yet you still haven't actually apologized for what you did

now you are being all buddy buddy with my friends

well guess what, they don't want to be friends with you because of how badly you hurt me

i don't know if i can trust like that again

feel like that again

or commit like that, again.

yes we had good times, but you poisoned all the sweet beautiful memories because you couldn't be an adult

you couldn't own up to what you did, or even give me a true reason for our end

so forgive me if i ignore you, give you dirty looks or roll my eyes, and if my friends want nothing to do with you

you only have yourself to blame

i refuse to let another tear roll down my cheek because of you

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