Magic is Real
Magic is Real lsd stories

ashleymaelima young mom, green witch, english major.
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Magic is real. I've heard it

Magic is Real

Magic is real.

I've heard it

As the silence of the world

When flurries of snow hit the ground

On the night of a full moon.

I've seen it

As the colors of your eyes

While they change depending on your mood

Or the color shirt you wear.

I've smelt it

As the sweetness of dew

When it collects on the petals and leaves of flowers

At the early moments of dawn.

I've touched it

As my finger is held by your new little hand

While I lay cut open on the surgical bed

On the day of your birth.

I've tasted it

As a blank piece of paper

While it takes me away to a land unknown

On my day of awakening.

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