Beating of Time
Beating of Time  nature stories

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It's been almost four years. Four years that I have not only relapsed but have thoroughly reflected on my position in life...One that can only coexist in the same perspective as the world's natural ebb and flow.

Beating of Time

It's been almost four years. The timespan of an infant Who beckons the world with Tiny fingers and a racing pulse. Bipedal, numerical, expressive Enough to grasp and repeat The word, "STOP."

Time, a cyclical mechanism that Amplifies the thrumming of Seconds passing on Without an anchor to Prevent their disappearance. Time, its fleeting nature Embodies a certain Indifferent and yet harmonious reassurance.

Time, quantified by seconds in Metric, maintained a steady Rhythm faster than my Faltering heartbeat. And despite the discomfort Of encroaching mortality, Declared victorious by the Hand from which a pill bottle Reluctantly descended, the Impermanence of time implied Security.

Transcience of time, a Momentary experiential Depository, implies a Temporary taste of pain... One that travels in the Soaring and crashing of waves, The same motions as those Cradled forth by the Gravitational pull between Earth and Moon. A similar Cosmic pattern that ensues life As we know it.

In this season, four years Preceding the one we inhabit Now, What I wish I could tell my Seventeen-year-old self is this: "The lull of your heartbeat Cannot nullify the power of being, For your chest pulsates with Grace and bravery that resembles the same seaborne Energy that leaves you awestruck.

Darling, you too have Mountains to shake, Pathways to explore, and Life to offer to this world. "Your heartbeat, intense no Matter your emotion, shares Synchronicity with the steady Strum that so Effortlessly centers and Grounds you.

"Listen to her, Honor her for her resilience Like you do this momentary Existence and its lapsing states Of entropy. "Honor her for carrying you This way. Love her with the gentleness You offer to the ripples that Roll, carve, create, and Eventually dismantle.

"But most importantly, Put yourself in her position And settle into her robustness. She is You, and You are Her. Reiterate the sweet messages Relayed to her between your Lips -- the same ones that share Air, music, and affirmation with the Universe -- To your growing mind and soul. You and She are One and the same."

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