Hesitant love
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ashleyehet i'm 90% sure i'm lost in your eyes
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I'm honestly not sure if any of this makes sense. I was originally going for something like a "friends with benefit" feel, but I'm positive it didn't turn out that way. It's too early in the morning right now, but enjoy^^

Hesitant love

by ashleyehet

I'm 90 percent sure I'm lost in your gaze.

The way your eyes crinkle and shine each time you laugh at my tasteless jokes reflect a good life, and I cannot stop myself from falling into the bittersweet aroma of love.

You taste like recycled coffee and poorly stifled laughs,

And I feel myself wanting more and more of you every moment we're in bed together, sheets cinched haphazardly around our legs to hold us captive for just a kiss more.

There is just something about you I can't explain.

The moment you waltzed into the grocer's with those long, uncoordinated limbs, I knew something was different. Maybe it was your smile. Maybe it was the way you shined.

You're a muse, a motivation.

Each kiss sends me soaring into a dream of inspiration, and as we finish our private love, the high leaves me gasping at the edge of each sentence as I try to comprehend the emotions you cause.

I'm 90 percent sure I'm lost in your gaze,

but I can't tell if it's just me trying to see if you believe this could be real.

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