Yellow Sunday
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ashleycierainstagram: @etherallibra
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Yellow Sunday

by ashleyciera

you and i will leave on a yellow sunday and not a second longer will we waste our seconds running from a never ending night but rather, we will go on escapades chasing after it instead

you and i will make our getaway on the yellow sunday the adventure back home might not reach our fingertips but, we won't seem to mind much at all.

the road back home is dusty and i won't miss the sights in the slightest we can dance like mad men barefoot in the dead of night and, i promise i won’t cry if the grass is too cold under my toes

escape with me on this lovely yellow sunday darling the day is too short to sit around waiting for it to slow down. reach for it with me, and the moonlight will guide our wrists

it’ll push our fingertips towards the endless universe together on the yellow sunday.

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