Yellow Soul- a poem
Yellow Soul- a poem stories
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A poem dedicated to a beautiful boy with a bright soul.

Yellow Soul- a poem

by bluehairedtrashcan

i hadn't seen a yellow soul in my life i saw endless blue and green souls, dark brown and a deep red i witnessed all the colors from a shade of old, cracked brick to the faded colour of denim

but not once yellow. when I saw him, when he spoke, when his eyes grazed mine i knew his soul was different it was the rays of the sun piercing the clouds on a cloudy day

it was the petals of a sunflower, pure and bright his soul was the equivalent of the gold in brown eyes when the setting sun shines on them it was a deep yellow, a thoughtful yellow

and i never wanted to look away. A. Ciera

Where to find me:

@bluehairedtrashcan on Instagram

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