The Woman in the Water
The Woman in the Water stories
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The Woman in the Water

by ashleyciera

a girl stands on the beach all on her own it's night and it's cold, she knows she is home but when the cold cold water rushes over her feet, she refuses to screech, for her fate she must meet.

she stares at the water, entranced by the lights dancing on the blue water, made black by night she hums a soft song only the fish may hear lifts her arms up, stands tall with no fear.

she is brave and she twirls, she spins with much glee the air is so cold, but her skin is happy she pleads for the moon to lift her away but the moon does not answer, he has nothing to say.

the moon has no voice but she looks to him she winks at the sky and calmly she grins she walks into the water, with her head held high one last look to the sand, she nods her goodbye.

for in her dress pockets, the girl has stones and with one final breath, she's no longer alone as the waves pull her in she becomes one with the sea she feels nothing at all,

but cold loving glee.

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