Perspective- a poem.
Perspective- a poem.  stories

ashleyciera17 year old poet.
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A poem on the perspectives of the billions of humans on this planet.

Perspective- a poem.

by ashleyciera

try to see this world within the eyes of the billions who inhabit it as a little girl about to jump into the blue ocean on her own as a human about to propose to another

as a student hearing their name at graduation, ... as a mother discovering her son has been shot, seeing him on the news. as a young girl being married off, raped while the law looks away.

as a muslim woman being stared at while wearing her hijab as a man too afraid to travel by plane, for people of his religion are portrayed unfairly as a human being.

a human with pain, struggles. try to see the world with a different pair of eyes perhaps it'll change you.



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